Scotland’s Guardians


217 pages
Audiobook avaible at
iTunes, Amazon und Audible

published January 2013
Urban Fantasy Novel


About the Book

A face without a nose watches Bryanna from a window in an Edinburgh townhouse, and a hairy hand waves. A Brownie! She blinks and shakes her head. Impossible. They only exist in books. But the Brownie doesn’t remain the only legendary creature she meets on her way home. Maybe I’m hallucinating, she thinks, and decides to talk to her dad. However, he gets kidnapped by a woman whose scent seems surprisingly familiar to Bryanna. Without hesitation, she follows them and lands smack dab in the middle of the adventure of her life. The world she faces now is murderously dangerous. And if she survives the journey, she seems doomed to kill her father for his secret.

For readers of fantasy from 10-99 years


A few words from the Authoress

I’m a big fan of all things Scottish. Many years ago, my mother stayed with a family in Edinburgh as an au-pair girl, and when I was old enough, I began visiting the eldest daughter. I’ve been seeing them for more years than I care to admit, and I love Scotland (although I’m still not able to quit being exactly on time). For me, it seemed natural to write a story set in a country I always wished had been my home country.


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