Flesh & Blood

Barnes and Noble

20 pages
published October 2012
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About the Book

In these two dark fantasy short stories, the horror lurks in unexpected corners, and for those who are willing to see, there is a twisted kind of humor hidden within.

The Angel

Dying Van Cleft clings to his life with all the strength cancer has left him. He knows how to cheat death. But will his craving for an angel’s body truly redeem him?

Wedding Nights

Child-vampire Constance hates hunting, but she’s starving. However, her latest prey is more dangerous that she anticipated, and long suppressed memories awaken. Struggling against a fate worse than death, she fights for her un-death.


A few words from the author

Normally, I’m writing stories for teens and children, but these stories are neither suitable for my usual audience nor for tender-hearted people. They are exclusively for fans of horror.

I based the second story on a nightmare that cost me several good night’s sleep. So, please, do not hold me accountable if the stories get under your skin. You’ve been warned.

These two stories have been published in Germany before (yes, in German). They found many eager readers but the collections they appeared in are no longer available. The author hoped that with the rise of eBooks, they might find more readers who will appreciate them.