It’s been my plan for a long time to finally put a page together with all the awards I either won or at least made the longlist (and got a badge). To my dismay I can’t remember them all. So here’s a partially complete list:

Brag Medallion for Scotland’s Guardians


Writers of the FutureWriters of the Future Honorable Mention (three times for some of my upcoming short stories, and I’m still trying for first place 😀 )


The Wishing Shelf Award Honorable Mention (or Red Ribbon Award) for Juma’s Rain. I’ve got a beautiful medal for that (I might post a photo soon, meanwhile enjoy the placeholder 😀 ).


One of the first badges I won, this one was for my SciFi novel „Paralan’s Children„. The Indie Book of the Day Award has ceased to exist some time in 2016.


Most of my German translations have been awarded the Qindie-label, a badge for well written, indie published books (q=quality, indie=independently published)


This medal was the first award I ever entered. I applied with my first ever novel in English and got an Honorable Mention. Not too bad for a non-native speaker, right? The Kindle Book Review Awards have since become too commercialized for my taste.