a near miss

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I sent in one of my fairy tale retellings (an adaption of Cinderella) to the Writer’s of The Future Award, one of the best known competitions in the US where hundreds of aspiring authors present their manuscripts every quarter. Naturally I had hoped for the best, but I didn’t count on it, being a non-native speaker/writer. And now this (self-explanatory):
Certificate from Writers of the Future
I’m bursting with pride and had to tell you right way. Go on, celebrate with me. Here’s sparkly wine (German naturally, but I’ll have still water please) and chocolate (yummy). 😀


About Cat-Gerlach

I am an author and a triple mum. I am living in Northern Germany with my family and my dog.

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  1. Oh that is cool! Congrats, Cat!

  2. N.E. Montgomery

    That’s *wonderful*!! I followed Will here from Anne R Allen’s blog, but saw this and had to comment. Also, keep trying! It’s an amazing experience, if you make it to finalist. I did it sixteen years ago, and having that kept me afloat during some terrible writing times.

    Congratulations! (and I hope you publish that story in some other way)…

    • I definitely will. It is the next one that I’ll publish in my fairy tale retelling series (Is it hard to guess which tale it tackles?). It will be bundled with the original tale and a retelling of “The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack” by the Grimm brothers.

  3. How did I miss this post? Kat, sincere congratulations! You have worked long on these fairy tale retellings and it’s high time you were accorded this recognition!

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