We proudly present…

William L. Hahn’s

Games of Chance
Part One of Judgement’s Tale

cover art for Games of Chance

Will and I have been working toward this goal for a few weeks already (of course Will worked much longer – read his last post and you’ll know what I mean). Since I had the pleasure of reading the whole novel, parts 1 to 4, I can only say that this is one of the few Epic Fantasy books I really, really enjoyed. Every single word is there for a purpose. I couldn’t find a single boring place (only one with an infodump but that’s long been corrected).

Go to amazon and order your copy right away.

About the Book:
For twenty centuries the Lands of Hope prospered from their Heroes’ peace, but suffer now from their absence as a curse thickens over the central kingdom known as the Percentalion. An immortal omniscient conspirator schemes to escape the extra-worldly prison restraining his tide of undeath, using a demonic ally in a plot to bring back hell on earth. Solemn Judgement steps onto these Lands both a stranger and an orphan, driven to complete the lore his father died to give him.

In a world beset with increasing chaos, the bravest Children of Hope must take mortal risks. A young woodsman’s spear-cast, a desperate bid to save his comrades; the Healers Guildmistress’ cheery smile, hiding a grim secret and a heavy burden of guilt; the prince of Shilar’s speech in a foreign tongue, a gambit to avoid bloodshed or even war. As a new generation of heroes, scattered across the kingdoms, bets their lives and more, Solemn Judgement- soon to be known as The Man in Grey- must learn to play… Games of Chance: Part One of Judgement’s Tale


About Cat-Gerlach

I am an author and a triple mum. I am living in Northern Germany with my family and my dog.

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  1. Sounds fabulous, Will! *scurries over to Amazon to check it out*

  2. It is fabulous. I read it and can’t wait for the rest of the books to come out. Now, all we need to do is grow his readership and Will will be able to feed us all — like the friendly superstar he is. 😉

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