Some Musings on Animals and My Daughter

This post is not about writing, nor is it about reading.  It’s about life and living, death and dying.

All three of my children like animals, but my older daughter has always had a special affinity with animals.  She loves animals and they seem to know it.   When she was just a tiny little girl, she boldly walked up to our cow in the field with a fist full of grass to offer her.  I didn’t see her until she was already right up to the cow.  I held my breath as the huge cow with sharp horns leaned down and gently slurped the grass from her small hand.  Then I remember when she was about four.  I sent her out to dump the small garbage container into the compost bin.  She returned talking about the pretty black and white kitty that was out there.  (It was a skunk!  I’m very glad it did not feel threatened by her.)

As she was growing up, we had a succession of cats, some were strays that stayed, which she name, petted, and befriended.  We had two main dogs as she grew up.  One was named Tippy, a black and white shepherd and the other was Pal, a small mutt.  Both were with us for years.  Katrina loved feeding and caring for the dogs. It was never a chore for her.

As she became an adult, her love for animals did not fade.  She and her husband took in two cats and they were part of their family for years.  Then they took in a rescue dog that had been abused. He became another part of their family.  (They have no children, so the animals really were their family.)  A couple of years ago, one of the cats died.  It left an empty place in their hearts, but after a few months, a kitty was added to their “family”.   That cute little kitty grew and grew, playing with the older cat and the dog.  Three months ago the second older cat died unexpectedly, which left the grown up kitty and their calm older dog, and another hole in their hearts.  They had had the dog for almost ten years.  Last week he suddenly became ill and they found that he had a tumor.  The rest of the sad story you can guess.  Now only a lonely kitty wanders the house, looking for her playmates.  And another giant hole gapes in their home.

Animals.  They give much to our lives within the short time we have them, asking for little in return.  Dogs, especially, love their people unconditionally.  Maybe we should take a lesson from our animals and love each other unconditionally.  Stop asking and start giving.

Life is short.  Don’t put off telling your loved ones that you love them.  Don’t put off all those things you want to do or learn. Live life now!


About Sue

From the time, as a young girl, when Sue read the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, she was hooked on fantasy. She loves to read fiction and write within many genres, but she always winds up going back to fantasy. For years she has had fantasy stories spinning around in her head and now that she is retired from many years of teaching, she is putting those stories into book form. She has many interests, including quilting and playing the mountain dulcimer, but writing is the most satisfying of all. Sue lives in the great state of Maine with her husband of 38 years. She has been a factory worker, a waitress, a librarian, and a teacher. Her biggest job was being a mother and she has three grown children. Now that she is a grandmother, she is enjoying that role immensely.

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  1. Your words are so very true. The same goes for people by the way. Give my regards to your daughter. Maybe she can find new playmates for her cat. After all, life still is around us (at least for a while longer, and I’m still hopeful that humankind won’t blow Earth to hell)

  2. Thanks, Cat. I’m sure they will eventually get another animal, but it’s a little too soon right now. And in light of my brother-in-law’s recent stroke, I’m thinking life is too short for what-might-have-beens. I say, “Just do it!”

  3. Marvelous, Sue, thanks very much. Been there, loved that. Even some of those I have written about have pets- or maybe that’s the other way around.

  4. Oh, yes. We had to put down a much-loved black lab a few months ago, and there’s still a hole in our household. I can’t imagine our lives without the love and companionship of dogs and cats. {{{hugs}}}

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