Cover reveal: Swordplay

A little while ago, I revised one of my novels and decided it would make an interesting start for a series. At the time I wrote it, I was deeply into CSI and enjoyed the way science was woven into the story. So I wondered what crimes people would commit in a world where magic was everywhere and how those crimes would be solved. Easy answer: there’d be a magical police running all investigations. I called it the Gendarmerie Magique.

Still, despite developing quite a lot of the world’s and police’s ground rules, I had no story until Moira came along. She’s an interesting character because she belongs to the few people that have hardly any control of the little magic they’ve got. In their society they are considered handicapped. But Moira dreams of joining the Gendarmerie Magique and does everything to belong. When I threw a couple of boulders her way, she began to develop in really interesting ways. I made this temporary cover while I was writing the story.

first cover idea

the first cover for Swordplay was neither leaving room for a series concept, not did it say “Urban Fantasy” although I think it would have made a nice cover for a historical murder mystery.

When I finished polishing the story, I wanted a new cover. It had become important for me that it’d mirror the magic of the world and the uniqueness of Moira. I stumbled over the perfect picture on one of the sites where you can buy licenses for pictures. The problem was that the person who made the picture had scaled the swirls I wanted to symbolize magic in a way that made them really pixelated at the size I needed. I went on looking but couldn’t find anything remotely good. So I turned to an artist I know, Corona Zschüsschen, and she transformed my ideas into a cover with WOW effect (at least for me). I think her interpretation of the concept is much better than the one I thought I had found.

the final cover

the final cover

Now, a few final words about the book which will be released by the end of this month (I’m also doing a blog tour, and if you want to be kept up to date please join our mailing list):

Despite her obvious lack of magical talent, nineteen year old Moira Bellamie apprentices with the Gendarmerie Magique, the magic police. She puts all her effort into solving a burglary at the National Museum where antique weapons have been stolen, to keep the hard won job. Falling for her partner Druidus wasn’t part of the plan. When more and more people are murdered with one of the stolen weapons, Moira must tame uncontrollable magic, or the people she cares for will die, her partner first and foremost.


About Cat-Gerlach

I am an author and a triple mum. I am living in Northern Germany with my family and my dog.

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  1. The second cover is definitely deeper and more sophisticated, and I guess it draws one more to read which is the most important thing.
    But man, Cat, don’t dump that sword! That’s a beauty, use it somewhere.

  2. LOVE that 2nd cover, Cat! Well done!

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