Books: Digital vs Print – What’s Your Preference?

I write ebooks, but I read voraciously…and always have done. Hence I have bookshelves full of paperbacks I’ll never part with. They’re old friends. How could I part with them? I might want to read them again someday.

But…I write ebooks. Shouldn’t I join the digital age, scrap my print versions, and load up an e-reader?


I will admit to being an early adapter for ebooks. I owned the original Rocket eBook Reader. Compared to today’s models it was huge, heavy, clunky, and required specific formatting, but it was the wave of the future, and I was happy to be along for the ride. I’ve owned several e-readers since that early model, but I’ve never given up my print books. Indeed, I’ve always harbored a preference for print.

Until recently.

My husband and I were discussing this the other night and I suddenly realized that I’d reached my tipping point. I now not only prefer ebooks, I actually avoid print. Wow! What a change!

I have several print books sitting on my bedside table. They’re by authors I enjoy, in series that I’ve searched for, and yet they sit unread. Why? Because I prefer to read on my iPad Mini. It’s lighter than a book, easier to hold, the typeface is adjustable, as is the backlight. I can flip back and forth through multiple books at the touch of a finger, and I don’t have to carry a small suitcase in order to have them all with me.

Yep. I’ve crossed the line. I’m now fully in the digital age.

My husband is still clinging to print, but I see him eyeing my Mini and wonder how long it will be before he finds the tablet / reader that suits his style and finds his own tipping point?

Mind you, I have no intention of tossing all those old-favorite print books, but I’m no longer adding to their number on a weekly basis.

How about you? Are you a digital reader, a print-aholic, or are you straddling the fence trying to find a comfortable seat?


About Debbie Mumford

Debbie Mumford specializes in fantasy and paranormal romance. She loves mythology and is especially fond of Celtic and Native American lore. She writes about faeries, dragons, and other fantasy creatures for adults as herself and for tweens and young adults as Deb Logan. Visit to learn more about her currently available work.

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  1. This is what it’s all about Debbie, isn’t it? Do the cobblers wear their own shoes or not! I am a straddler- my beloved print paperbacks are in boxes in the basement, but just try and take them from me. Meanwhile I read most often on a screen nowadays, but haven’t ever bought a dedicated reader for one reason only- price. Just pulling together even a hundred bucks is out of our range (and the ladies in the house are ambivalent about sharing one, it’s too tough to convert three people at once).
    So I read e-books on my laptop and small smartphone, which is fun for all the reasons you mentioned. I dream most of having every book I ever wanted on the one device- just find that one thingie and keep it charged, everything will be there.
    My fondest real-world fantasy is to get a Surface and do all the writing AND reading on one master-device. And yay! They’re not selling well so the price is creeping down. Maybe about a year after they are obsolete…

    • I hear you, Will. I wanted an iPad for AGES, but couldn’t justify the cost. When the mini came out, I jumped on it. My husband was afraid I was buying a price tag, but the smaller size really appealed to me. I’ve never looked back. Here’s hoping you find something that fits your style equally well 😀

  2. “I write ebooks, but I read voraciously…and always have done.”

    Oh, me too, Debbie. I read everything–e-books, print books, magazines, cereal boxes. I still buy print books, but like you, not near as many as I used to BK. (before Kindle)

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