My first ever audiobook

Woohoo! I published my first every audiobook, and already sold a handful (it’s only been online one week). I’ve even got my first review, and it’s a 5 star one! It’s been so much fun doing the audio book. If it weren’t so very expensive, I’d do the next one right away.

As I’ve already posted on FB, I’ve got a special offer for everyone who buys a copy (see below). First, here’s the cover with the blurb:

Heroes Wanted

This audiobook contains two short stories:

“Life(TM) – Divisions of Myths and Legends or How to Order a Dragon”
Mondays are hard in any office. When Siegfried von Xanthen is calling before opening hours, the day at Life(TM) – Divisions of Myths and Legends goes downhill for Rose.

“A Different Perspective”
Romans attack, and Freyja flees with the women of her clan while the men fight, including her beloved Thordal. Can Allfather Odin help Freyja to save Thordal’s life?

Now my offer:

If you buy it and email me your receipt (email Address on my homepage), I will send you the eBook for free.

If you buy the audiobook through audible and mail me proof that this is one of the first three sales you made on audible, I will send you the eBook plus one of my novels as an eBook for free (the title is your choice).

So, get it and start to listen!


About Cat-Gerlach

I am an author and a triple mum. I am living in Northern Germany with my family and my dog.

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  1. Definitely want to give this a listen! Mine was fun to make, and you are clearly excited about this one. Great bargain too: now if they could WhisperSync it for you we’d be all set.

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