New Release: Paralan’s Children

The Independent Bookworm presents “Paralan’s Children“, yet another book by Katharina Gerlach (correct, that’s me). Hopefully, you’ll like it. It’s available for 99ct as a special introductory price until tomorrow, 23rd of May. Then, the price will go up to $4.99 for good.

Fresh from the academy, ambitious Galaktipol officer Vera Staven has been transferred to the only human settlement on the ice planet Paralan. Aside from smuggling, crimes are rare and the suicide rate is high. But something at the latest find nags at Vera, although no clues indicate it’s anything but a suicide.

When native Galaktipol officer Joloran Durim Brunàhgan meets the mother of his wee-ones for the yearly egg-opening feast, he doesn’t know he’s facing the worst case of his career. The next morning, fifteen Paralan wee-ones went missing, girls only. A catastrophe for the natives. Joloran hurls himself into the investigation, but he can’t get the murder of two wee-ones out of his mind that he couldn’t solve many years ago.

Paralan and humans harbor prejudices, making it hard for Joloran to follow all clues. Against his will, his superior requests support from the humans. POK Vera Staven is assigned to him, the only woman in the human Galaktipol station on Paralan. And time is running out. With every passing day, the probability of finding the wee-ones alive shrinks. But only as a team, Joloran and Vera might have a chance. Can they overcome their prejudices and cooperate, or will they find these children disemboweled in the icy wilderness of the planet’s far side too?

Get your copy while it’s cheap.


About Cat-Gerlach

I am an author and a triple mum. I am living in Northern Germany with my family and my dog.

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  1. I’m going to start calling you “Sourdough” because you never seem to get used up and just make more and more. I got my copy- kind of panicked because I’m backed up with books now and still lots of writing to do for work. But I’ll get there! Nice job, Cat.

    • 1. This is my backlist. I took all of last year to translate all those novels.
      2. In Germany, sourdough is actually an insult. We use it for someone who sits around miserably. 😉
      3. There is no need to rush reading it. Since you’ve got it on your eReader, no one can take it away.

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