We’re Now Oficially a Publisher

Hah, I knew German administration would throw stones my way when I decided to begin publishing over here too. To put up my eBooks on German eBook retailers sites, I need ISBN numbers which are not provided by the retailers (unlike, say, Smashwords). To get ISBN numbers in Germany, I have to be a) German (check) and b) a publisher. Individuals have to pay 85€ per ISBN (calculate the costs for 8 novels published or soon-to-be-published if you like).

Frustrated with the system, I thought about this long and hard. In the end, I decided to become a publisher. The day before yesterday, I went and registered The Independent Bookworm as a small German publisher. Now, I can publish my own books and others.

For all of us, this is the next step. Up to now, we were a bunch of independently publishing authors, now we’re a publisher with several independent authors. I wonder if/how that will affect the way we work, but I don’t think much will change .

Champagne and chocolate of the virtual kind to everybody!


About Cat-Gerlach

I am an author and a triple mum. I am living in Northern Germany with my family and my dog.

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  1. Wait. Do I have to wear a tie now!

    Congrats, Cat, I hope this is the start of a great new phase for your prolific work and brings you all good things which you deserve. I know some other authors- cough, cough!- you might Shanghai into your clutches if you need victims, ahm, clients. Yep, same ones you know.

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