The Compendium: The Safe Way to Build a World?

Epic and heroic fantasy, as cool as they are, do not consist of much that’s new. If you innovate at all in what you write about, you’re either trashed or hailed as an innovator. And then maybe trashed after you turn the other way. People expect heroes with swords, monsters with fire, life with magic, and adventures that save something. I’m cool with all that because in the Land of Hope that’s what I see.

But as Debbie wrote about world-building, there’s a constant struggle to “do” that correctly in the tales themselves. If I can take credit for trying anything a bit differently it was in this: I thought “hey, why not pretend I’m famous already and someone’s written up the Compendium of the Lands“. So I’ve been posting pages here as they appear relevant to the various tales, and as I limp through my draft of the upcoming “Perilous Embraces” I’ve taken the chance to reinforce the book with some more pages.

In this latest batch coming out now you can find information on various subjects:

  • A short piece on the Elven race, especially the concept of their Moments which plays a big part in my WiP
  • An enormous section on the Astrology of the Lands including the heavenly bodies and their influence over events. You will see some of this in Perilous Embraces and a lot more in Judgement’s Tale my infamous unpublished  monsterpiece.
  • A section on the Tarot cards and their relation to divination (sort of the common man’s astrology)
  • A quick look at the Argens feudal structure (who’s boss of what), which plays into the Shards of Light series but will really become important in a sequel to The Plane of Dreams, called The Test of Fire
  • A Brief History of the Lands (which you might have thought I’d have recorded first given my education!)
  • And even a treatise on what the bad guys might be like (for after all, the Lands of Despair no man living has seen- or so the legends say)

I hope you enjoy the material. And I do see that people “hit” the pages fairly frequently which is interesting and prompts me to ask you some questions.

If you’ve looked at the Compendium before, did you like what you saw? Did it give you what you were asking for?

Are there subjects you wanted to see more about but didn’t? It’s been thirty years of study, but my observations have been pretty focused on the current day and subjects relevant to the heroes of the tales. If you need me to look at something else, I’m listening!

Do you think it would be useful for me to publish this thing? As I’m adding pages I keep trying to organize them better, but if I e-pubbed it I could inter-link the daylights out of it- so every reference to Argens leads to the description of him in the hero-lists, etc. On the other hand, I could link every such mention in my current books to the Compendium HERE- but I thought that would be too distracting. What’s your opinion?

As for the rest of you who have every right not to touch the silly thing, let me just remind you once again that I don’t write, I chronicle. These pages are just in case you want to try and argue the Lands of Hope are not real.


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I'm the chronicler of the Lands of Hope tales, available at all the major online retailers.

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  1. I would have liked some real tarot cards to go with the description. 😉

    • Hah! You think I did not make facsimiles but you would be WRONG, madam! Now, if I can just scan them all into my copier… never say never, I do think some are rather good.

      • I expected you to have the tarot cards done. I know your level of perfectionism (if not obsession with your world). I would like to SEE them. 😉

  2. Fair enough. I can’t do it right away but someday soon I will attempt to scan the cards in and post them here. Could be fun.

  3. OK Cat, just to make you happy, I’ve scanned in several cards and put them on the Tarot page. Let me know if you like them!

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