A Writing Challenge For You

Remember when you were in school during language arts class?  Or that writing class you took as an adult?  Your teacher gave a writing prompt to the class and everyone wrote a story using the same prompt. (In younger grades, they were called story ideas.)

When the stories were read aloud, even though they started from the same prompt, every story was drastically different.  If, for one moment, you might wonder why, only think about it.  Every person has different experiences, different environments, different thoughts.  Many of us have different values, dreams, and hopes.  Our writing comes from our inter-most being.  What we think and feel and what we believe comes through into our writing.

Writing prompts can sometimes be just the idea starter a person needs to jog the process of story telling.  It can be a welcome challenge to take the idea and turn it into your own personal story.

So, thinking in this vein, I have an assignment for you, should you choose to accept it.  Use the following prompt and write your own story.   Change anything you like to make the story your own.  (I’d love to hear from you and read what you come up with.)

It was time.  He opened the door into the blackness outside and melted away into the shadows.  Silently.  Swiftly.  Knowing he must not be noticed.  Must not be found.  Standing alone under the trees he waited, not moving a muscle.  Waiting.  Another shadow detached itself from the surrounding darkness.  Moved. Came closer.


About Sue

From the time, as a young girl, when Sue read the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, she was hooked on fantasy. She loves to read fiction and write within many genres, but she always winds up going back to fantasy. For years she has had fantasy stories spinning around in her head and now that she is retired from many years of teaching, she is putting those stories into book form. She has many interests, including quilting and playing the mountain dulcimer, but writing is the most satisfying of all. Sue lives in the great state of Maine with her husband of 38 years. She has been a factory worker, a waitress, a librarian, and a teacher. Her biggest job was being a mother and she has three grown children. Now that she is a grandmother, she is enjoying that role immensely.

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  1. thevixenfiction

    Going to re-blog this if I may… I am a challenge writer and so are most of my network…

  2. thevixenfiction

    Reblogged this on THE FICTION VIXEN and commented:
    Just came across this little challenge that some of you may like a lot…..

  3. I think the problem the biggest problem is always writing as myself. Every time I write a story, I inject my voice into it. I wrote horror, romance, and comedy. Yet somehow, I feel like my voice never changes.

    Lately, I have created a blog to write from a point of view of someone else. Like live inside someone else’s mind. I don’t revise the posts, like I would if I was writing a chapter.

    Anyway, if you are interested, I would love to have hear your opinion.

  4. I WISH I could change voice sometimes! But I suspect it’s always bearing too strong a stamp of whatever it is that makes my style “it”. Probably wordiness, certainly a strong purple tint! It’s been a fun challenge to try and move from 3rd person to 1st in my current series, and now to the dreaded 2nd. If only I can pull this off…

    • Sometimes I write in first person and sometimes in third person. I’ve never tried to write a story or novel in second. Will, you are more brave than I am!

  5. Are we supposed to put a link to our story here? If so, this is my attempt.


    Thank you for this challenge. I liked it. 🙂

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