The Voice of Purple Prose? Audio Version of “The Ring and the Flag”

I am very excited that the first audio-book for the Lands of Hope is done at last. Purple prose has found its voice.

The first tale in Shards of Light, “The Ring and the Flag”, is now available at You can listen to as many episodes as you like for free, and I certainly encourage you to try a few chapters. I would love to hear comments as well, which you can leave right there or on the LoH Facebook page, or here!

Making an audio-book is what I call dogged fun: I really had to stick with it, very labor intensive as I learned everything the hard way. But I haven’t had a chance to hone my craft at speaking and acting in several years, so that was invigorating. I still don’t think I do women’s voices well- thank heavens it was just three lines in this book, but I’ll need to practice hard if I want to try for “Fencing Reputation”. And I think I need to spring for a microphone that was NOT made in the Philippines… before Marcos stepped down. The last two chapters I recorded sounded like they had been dunked in Rice Krispies- snap-crackle-pop on every take, sometimes on the same sentence of three different takes! Plus for some odd reason, whenever I went back to re-record lines for “punch-in”, the presence sounded altered. With all that, I think it  came out rather well. But if you’re thinking about trying it- I can assure you, it’s work. The community at Podiobooks was very supportive and gave all kinds of useful advice, invaluable really.

So I got to thinking, there are now so many ways to experience the Lands, you might need help deciding. Being a good analyst here in the Alleged Real World, I made a Decision Tree for you. Click for a close-up view. Just answer honestly and you’ll be all set!

LoH Decision Tree Jan 2013


About Will

I'm the chronicler of the Lands of Hope tales, available at all the major online retailers.

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  1. I’m glad you finished it and will try to find the time to listen. Well done, Will.

  2. Thanks Cat. I think my problem here is agonizingly simple- the folks I’ve reached for my books are not the same audience as those who want to listen to tales. But they’re the only ones I’ve got! How to get this new pump primed? Tough question so far.

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