lucky me — or health insurance surprise

As of late, I find myself wondering if I’m spreading myself too thin. I’m doing so many things at once that I often find myself confused. Did I do this already? Did I forget this or that? My kids complain because some of the things I told them we’d do take longer than anticipated. So, last weekend, I sat down and thought long and hard. Do I really want to give up any of the things I set in motion?

The answer is clearly, “NO”

So, do I have someone who can help? The answer was, “No”, too, but then I got a letter from our health care insurance company (obligatory in Germany), and suddenly the answer was, “at least a little.” Due to my kids disabilities, we will get a small sum per month that will allow me to hire someone who can clean my house once a week.

That means, I’ll have less trouble keeping up with household chores, and it also means I can really reach for my goals with all I have. Some of my blogposts will still be late, but I’ve got a notebook where I write down all the tasks I need to do and cross them out when they’re finished. That will keep me on track — mostly.

Hopefully, you will have luck smile your way once in a while like I did this week.
Keep growing.


About Cat-Gerlach

I am an author and a triple mum. I am living in Northern Germany with my family and my dog.

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  1. Great news Cat! I can’t say how much I miss having someone who cleans house for us. In my teaching career (boarding school, a small apartment) we were paid very little but since there were so many teachers in one place, the nice lady who came by on Thursdays could offer an excellent price. I got my place cleaned until it gleamed twice a month and felt like a king.

    Now my lovely wife and I split the chores around our little condo, but there is simply no keeping up- I have never lived in a house that produced so much dust, and it’s dangerous to the health of my daughter and mother-in-law. And of course, having three cats is no help.

    Your situation is like a train-wreck in reverse! Things should clear up considerably for you now. All the best!

    • Thanks Will, as soon as I’ve got a routine in my marketing efforts, I will get better doing my household chores. I promise (to my husband) 😉

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