Longer Days, Shorter Tales for Christmas!

Are the cold, short days getting to you? Did you spend your money on that Christmas list only to find the sheet had an extra fold at the bottom with two more names? Hey, it’s not the end of the world- really, that’s so day-before-yesterday. And the Independent Bookworm has your solution.

Hope, Illustrated

The Book of Tales makes the ideal Christmas gift and digital stocking stuffer (imagine that, a digital stocking…). You can’t get anything lighter or more compact, and these dozen tales from the Lands of Hope are calculated to raise even the glummest spirits with noble beasts and brave knights, so different and yet so much like the ones we’ve known. It’s suitable for all ages: who doesn’t like the good guys winning? Here are hawks that rule, trees that speak, hero-ants (and a spider that isn’t a villain); a miller’s daughter who saves the day, the first tides, the last giants and more.

This work features the illustrations of talented young artist Teddy Newby, and words cannot describe what a pleasure it was to share my observations of this world, so close to my heart, with another person. Remind me to tell you about the time he convinced me what month of the year one tale took place!

Best of all, giving the gift of Hope couldn’t be easier, thanks to Smashwords. Insert your friend’s email address, and a couple of clicks later it’s on the way, and Smashwords makes your ingenious generosity available in all major formats.

So dig in, for yourself or someone else, and by the time you’re done it will seem like it’s staying light out until after, um, lunch.


About Will

I'm the chronicler of the Lands of Hope tales, available at all the major online retailers.

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