Fabulous Give-Away from Fantasy Author Tracy Falbe and Rys Rising


You can’t do much better than this… outside the Lands of Hope of course

I am delighted to have Independent Bookworm serve as tour host this week for Tracy Falbe’s promotional tour and give-away. I have read and raved about Rys Rising which I think is a terrific piece of epic fantasy, and you can get it for free right here. So do that. Now Tracy is sponsoring a $25 Etsy gift card and the details can be found by clicking on this link:


Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite for a great book. Enter the contest above and I hope you enjoy Tracy’s world as much as I have!

In this scene Dacian introduces himself to Onja. Their encounter is brief but it pushes him into his first true questioning of tabre authority.


Excerpt from Rys Rising: Book I

Dacian walked over to the cook but continued to scan the market. Exaton had just finished haggling with the cloth merchant and he started telling Dacian about his purchase, but Dacian only half-listened. Ifil and Lang reunited with them as well. They were carrying bundles and sharing reports on the various goods they had seen.

Exaton asked Dacian how his parents were. He answered absently, but then he saw the female and fell silent. Her entry into the market square was noticed by all. Bartering and conversations diminished as the scandalous female returned from her forbidden journey. All rys knew each other, and Onja was known to be a problem. Although being abandoned by her parents was not uncommon or particularly stigmatizing, she had always been defiant and rude to her foster parents, and gone through three different guardians before recently reaching ryshood at age one hundred and disappearing from Jingten.

She seemed to welcome the stares of the tabre vendors. A simple hooded cloak of human-made brown homespun draped her body to her ankles. The hood drooped across her forehead and a few black strands of hair hung out. A crow flapped down and landed on her shoulder.

“I wonder who will take her in this time,” Ifil whispered.

Exaton said, “Unless I’m wrong, I think she is no more a rysling. She will make her own home I expect.”

“I will go speak to her,” Dacian announced. The symmetry of her face and the indigo gleam in her black eyes were making him truly contemplate female beauty for the first time. He liked the vulnerable thrill of the new sensation.

Exaton, who had so recently urged Dacian to break his probation, now counseled prudence. “Leave her be, Dacian. You’ve your own problems with the tabre right now. Mixing with her will make them worse. She is a deviant. They won’t tolerate her, especially after this. Even rys are sick of her.”

Dacian dared to give his elder a judgmental look. He disliked how he seemed to reject her and so suddenly accept tabre authority. It was not right. He broke off from his companions and approached her boldly.

Dacian snaked his way through the crowd. He caught her attention while still a few steps away and she stopped and looked at him. Dacian raised a hand toward her but then lowered it because his reaching seemed inappropriately eager, almost rude.

“Welcome home, Onja,” he said, presuming to say her name.

Shyness made her cast down her eyes. His friendly confidence befuddled her after months away from her kind.

“I am Dacian,” he added.

Her lips twitched with a little smile before she looked up. “Your name is known to all, acolyte of the Kwellstan Sect,” she said.

By the way she called him acolyte, he was not sure if she was impressed or ridiculing him. Automatically, his mind sought her thoughts, but he could discern none of her feelings with any certainty. Her aura was like rowing into a thick fog on the lake. He could only be sure that there was water beneath him and he could not see the shore.

“Where have you been?” Dacian asked.

She looked among the other nearby rys. Her shyness slipped away as she announced that she had traveled to the west. A path could be found through the mountains, and many humans lived in the lowlands.

Patting her bird, she announced, “Any who would hear about the west may gather around and I will answer questions.”

Her offer easily aroused curiosity and many rys decided to hear what she had to tell even if they would never dare to travel outside the valley. Dacian nodded eagerly and several rys gathered behind him. Onja looked around for a likely spot where they could sit together, but before she could proceed, the crow screamed and flew away. A score of tabre from the tower led by Daykash Breymer entered the square. The Daykash was resplendent in his red, black, and gold-lettered robes, and his acolyte and priest attendants followed him like an extension of his body.

The tabre flowed around Onja, and the Daykash stopped in front of her. They were of the same height, but her youthful face with its crisp features made his old smooth face with its high forehead look like an eroded hill.

“You will surrender yourself to the custody of the Kwellstan Sect,” the Daykash announced.

Onja blinked rather innocently. Glancing at the stern tabre on all sides, she said, “It would seem that I am surrendered.”

“Then come with us,” Breymer said.

He started to turn, but Dacian pushed through the ranks of tabre and intercepted the esteemed Nebakarz. “Greetings, my great Daykash,” Dacian said.

“What is it?” the Daykash said sharply.

“With respect, my great Daykash, why do you take this rys female into your custody?” Dacian asked.

“How dare you?” Breymer spat, and a white hot flash of anger showed in his eyes. “No one can question my actions. Be silent!”

The priestly tabre lord spun with a regal flourish and led away his party with Onja. Dacian stood still as the tabre passed by. He met Onja’s eyes as she was hustled away. She seemed not to be afraid.

The tabre departed on the road around the lake to the tower. The rys and tabre in the square dispersed into murmuring cliques. The arrest of a rys was quite unprecedented, and no one knew what it might mean for the rys female who had been so suddenly interesting. Even the tabre admitted that they would have liked to have heard her reports of the west.

Exaton, Ifil and Lang came up behind Dacian, who remained standing where the Daykash had left him. With soft sympathy, Exaton said, “You see now how it is best not to mix with her, Dacian. She provokes the tabre with the liberties she takes.”

Dacian said nothing. Glumly, he helped his friends with their packages back to their boat and hunkered in the boat as they rowed across Lake Nin. Along the shore, he could see Breymer marching on the road with his group and his…prisoner? The concept was ugly. Surely breaking the ban on travel out of the valley did not warrant confinement. Why can’t rys go where they want? Dacian wondered.

Still glowering at the tabre on the shore, Dacian asked Exaton what they would do to her, hoping that the older rys might have some historical perspective on this incident. Exaton only shook his head.

They are not going to do anything to her, Dacian decided.


Tracy Falbe invites you to give her characters a chance to feel real to you. The Rys Rising fantasy series is driven by magic, passion, bravery, ambition, conquest, and defeat. Rys Rising: Book I is a free ebook and hopefully your gateway to an epic reading experience.

Start reading Rys Rising for free and enter the prize drawing. http://falbepublishing.com/braveluck/feel-real-fantasy-blog-tour.html



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  1. Thank you Will and everybody at the Independent Bookworm for supporting my blog tour and giveaway.

  2. Downloaded! Looking forward to reading it. 🙂

  3. Tracy all the best! You certainly made it easy for me to create. My biggest frustration was that the scheduler AGAIN did not do its job and I found it hadn’t been posted when I checked in the AM. That keeps happening…

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