translating instead of writing (or how about backlist)

For the last year (ever since the 6th of January), I have been translating my German novels into English to create a backlist. I managed to publish one, but the others will have to wait for December, and I tell you why.

My fingers are itching to create something new!

As much as I love my old stories (I invariably rewrote them partially), my Muse keeps jumping around like an ADHS-toddler on amphetamines. “Have you thought about.. What if.. can’t we start…” It’s really, really hard to push all these wonderful ideas to the side and stick to my translation schedule. So I did the craziest thing, I upped my daily quota from a comfortable 1500 words a day to 2500 words a day (except for weekends, they have to stay free for family affairs). That way, I’ll be done by Halloween. I’m so looking forward to that.

The next story I’ll write has been sitting at 50K last NaNo. Upon rereading it, I scraped most of it (which leaves me 16K). I’m now trying to get it to 75-90K during NaNo and December. I know I can do it.

What do I like better? Translating or writing new fiction? What a question. Both are fun, but creating something new will always outshine any other writing related activity for me.

I hope to see you when I start releasing all the translated novels. 😉
Wonder what they are about? leave a comment.


About Cat-Gerlach

I am an author and a triple mum. I am living in Northern Germany with my family and my dog.

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  1. Translating? It boggles my mind, especially coming from the provincial US where a second language resides only in our fantasy bestiary, next to the unicorn. Then too, if I were managing 1,500 words a day at ANYTHING I’d have a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Way to make me feel inferior! Can’t wait to see the index of new titles coming to America. I’m personally voting for a sequel to Terry and the Folding Rule of Time.

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