Family Life: time and again

I think it was Douglas Adams who said, “I love the sound of deadlines as they swoosh past” (or something to that effect). I meant to post something really interesting about the changes in eBook pricing last Tuesday… and here we are on Thursday already. Nothing major happened, only a couple of family disasters and a stupid cold not wanting to give up my sinuses. Sigh. That’s life for you.

And that’s exactly the reason why I love stories. In stories, heroes are rarely encumbered by a cold or stumble over toys their kids left lying around thus twisting their ankle. They don’t have to clean houses (except maybe for Cinderella) or drive kids to musical education, sports or other events. Why can’t I be a hero in a book? For sure, life couldn’t be more exciting than it is right now, even if I’d have to slay a monster or throw a ring into a volcano.

The drawback would be that I only get to be ONE heroine in ONE novel, whereas I can be as many heroes as I like (yes even of the male variety) as long as I can read. Sure, the kids don’t appreciate their mother vanishing in the pages of a book (or screen of an eBook). But as long as I reappear to take them to their next appointment, manage not to burn their meals, and get their clothes into their wardrobes before they are completely empty, they leave me alone.

How do you manage to juggle your family when you read (or write for that matter)?
Leave us a comment. It could be instructive…


About Cat-Gerlach

I am an author and a triple mum. I am living in Northern Germany with my family and my dog.

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  1. Hey Cat, great stuff here- first off I hope you’re feeling better all the time.

    There’s no question, the family is a major distraction (what a horrible way to put it!). I’m shuttling between two hospitals this week, with two ladies ill and needless to say, whatever writing I might have done is completely overthrown. The difference with you as a home-maker is that you can never take time off from work, no way. I just post an out-of-office message and my “job” is taken care of. But home-makers get no time off ever.

    I recognized a while ago that the writing is always happening, not often at the keyboard, but I notice things in the Lands at all hours- driving, watching TV, looking around in a park, everywhere. Just have to jot it down quick before I forget, then come back when the time is there to flesh it out.

    That being said, the day I realized that my superhero idols would have to strip out of the spandex to use the bathroom somehow- worst day of my life!

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