Author Spotlight: Harrison Davies

Ever since the eBook revolution started, reviewers complained about the lack of quality of self-published stories. They claim that too many of the available eBooks are badly edited, have confusing stories, or are plain boring. They are partly correct, but there are also wonderful new authors that deserve to be noticed (like my colleagues here on the Independent Bookworm). Therefore, I will present a new Indie author once a month; one that is worth being read.

Through the Magic Appreciation Tour, I got to know author Harrison Davies. He was born in Hartlepool in the United Kingdom and now resides in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North of England. His passions include the written word, visual media such as Indie filmmaking, and photography. He lives with his long time partner, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and African Grey Parrot. Harrison completed his second book in early 2012.

Destiny of the Wulf (The Aduramis Chronicles, #1)
It is a time of great upheaval, and from time immemorial the destiny of two boys has shone like a beacon. Death desires to rule as high king of the gods, and is poised to ignite a war in the heavens that would consume all life on Er’ath. Brothers Coinin and Marrok are thrust into a world of magic when their parents are slain. Whisked away to their uncle’s home, there they live a peaceful existence, until the day that they are summoned to a secret temple, hidden from the world. An ancient mage brotherhood tells of a great destiny that surrounds them, and events take a sharp downward turn. The fate of this world hangs in the balance, and it is left to Coinin and Marrok to reunite the Swords of Cerathil that would save the planet from destruction.

How did you get started? Was it a childhood dream?
I guess you could say it was a childhood dream. At school I had always excelled at English and literature, and my work praised for its creativity. At aged twelve I wrote a 40,000 word story about a scientist who was abducted for his research. His teenage son follows the clues that lead him to his father. Fortunately the military turn up at the right time to rescue their eminent scientist and his son. As it was written at age twelve, it shall not see the light of day in its current form, the language is a little “Enid Blyton” and will need to be rewritten since it is a great story, in my humble opinion.

Why are you focusing on epic fantasy?
I don’t focus on one particular genre. I had several other stories planned out with varying genres such as thrillers, historical fiction. But I do love fantasy. One can be so creative in this area. Aside from the thriller I discussed earlier, fantasy is where I started because I wanted to write and got together with a friend who enjoyed fantasy. Sadly we parted ways weeks later having never really started our collaboration beyond a few ideas. That early work set the foundation for my jaunt into fantasy with a whole new story.

What formats do you offer your customers (eBook, POD)?
I offer all the most common formats. ePub, Mobi, PDF. There are printed copies available as print on demand through Createspace, Amazon and Lulu.

What’s your greatest obstacle in writing?
Television and my own self-motivation. Writing Destiny and finishing it has been the greatest boost in my confidence.

Who is your favorite Indie author?
Currently an as yet unpublished author by the name of Rory Mackay. This guy knows how to write. I’ve had the privilege to review his work, and he’s going to be big.

Who is your favorite traditionally published author?
This has to be JK Rowling, a great rags to riches story and an inspiration never to give up. She inspired a whole generation like nothing I’ve seen beyond the pioneers of the computer revolution.

Tips for other Indies?
Start early with your preparations for:
1. obtaining a cover image
2. find good betas readers who will help you perfect your yarn. I have three wonderful beta/proof readers
2. finding a editor that is top quality
3. start promoting early, even before you’re published, keep your audience up to date


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