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I’m a writer, but I’m also a reader.  I’m always looking for good new books to read.  Some of the books I read are paperbacks by conventional publishers, but I also read e-books by independent authors, (including books by my fellow authors on this blog, which I enjoyed very much).  I read in many different genres, but my most favorite is fantasy.  I prefer books with positive endings, where the good guys win and the bad guys get their just punishments, but I have read books with sad endings and liked them, if they were well written.

One excellent book I’ve read recently by an indie author is Backlash by Carmen Rane Hudson.  (E-book available for 2.99 on Amazon.) This is a different kind of fantasy with a flawed hero whose character develops through the story. Here’s the product description on Amazon:

He’s the most powerful psychic on the planet, but televangelist Peter Corbie has spent a lifetime hiding from his gifts…

They’ve killed once. He’s vowed never to let it happen again. He’d hoped a lifetime of service to the church could shield him from what he believes may be a demonic power. But Peter can’t hide much longer. A deadly killer is on the lose, a killer with but one purpose: to steal extraordinary abilities from his victims even as he takes their lives. As Peter’s carefully arranged life and iron control begin to crumble, time starts running out. When the killer targets Peter, he has no choice but to turn and fight. He’s forced to grapple with his power and his faith in order to take on a merciless enemy and his murderous apprentice.

Here’s one of the reviews:

Peter Corbie, a television “feel-good” preacher, has his live taping interrupted by a spell in which he shouts out a warning to a friend that saves the friend from a fatal accident. Peter tries to deny and control his growing visions, but when confronted by his policeman friend with the reality of a serial killer who also has some psi power, he decided to use his power to help find the killer. The spiraling consequences of his decision continues to follow him.

This is an intriguing story that is fast paced and also has character development. There is a definite ending, but also room left for more stories about Peter Corbie. I can’t wait to read the next one.

If you like intriguing fiction, maybe you should try Backlash.

A series by Ace fantasy author, Moira J. Moore has caught my attention.  It’s the “hero” series, starting with Resenting the Hero.  The book description on the back cover and the awful cover art gives an entirely wrong impression of the book.  Readers pick it up expecting a funny book and it is not.  It introduces a world where a few people have limited magical powers and we become acquainted with many of the characters in the world. The first book is not as good as the rest of the series because the female main character spends way too much time in the entire book “resenting the hero” and believing the stereotypes about him.  The story line of the second book is much better than the first,  but with the same deceiving cover art.  The rest of the books have better covers, but still have a lot to be desired.  There are six books out in the series, and I think the writing is better with each one.

Blurb from the first book: In a realm beset by natural disasters, only the bonded Pairs–Source and Shield–make the land habitable and keep the citizenry safe. But can Dunleavy Mallorough and Lord Shintaro Karish put aside their differences to defeat something even more unnatural than their reluctant affections for each other?

As the series progresses, Dunleavy and Shintaro keep getting deeper into political problems and are forced to use their magic in ways they never dreamed of doing.  This is not a dark, bleak series, but as one continues to read, the two main characters become people that you care about and are rooting for.

What are some good books that you’ve read recently?


About Sue

From the time, as a young girl, when Sue read the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, she was hooked on fantasy. She loves to read fiction and write within many genres, but she always winds up going back to fantasy. For years she has had fantasy stories spinning around in her head and now that she is retired from many years of teaching, she is putting those stories into book form. She has many interests, including quilting and playing the mountain dulcimer, but writing is the most satisfying of all. Sue lives in the great state of Maine with her husband of 38 years. She has been a factory worker, a waitress, a librarian, and a teacher. Her biggest job was being a mother and she has three grown children. Now that she is a grandmother, she is enjoying that role immensely.

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  1. Thanks Sue- this is a great idea, to relay our reviews of other authors’ works. I’m in Montreal this week on business and needed a book to read. In the local bookstore I found one on an old topic by a new author, and thought I’d give it a whirl. It’s a follow-up story in the endless, enormous Conan series (working on its third generation of authors I guess). The author is Richard Knaak and so far his style is properly straight and to the point, like his predecessors going back to the incredible REH. Best part of all so far is the title, which I thought was incredibly evocative. It’s “The God in the Moon”. If it pans out I’ll come back with a full review.

  2. I’m currently using audiobooks to fulfill my reading need, since about the only free time I have is in the car during my morning and evening commute *lol* So I sit in traffic, lulled by the magical story-telling of George RR Martin…”A Dance with Dragons” is my current companion. Martin writes complex, intricate worlds…but this is NOT fantasy for kids. This is serious, adult fantasy.

    Want a lesson in putting your characters in a tree and throwing rocks at them? Read George RR Martin. No character is safe from death and dismemberment in this series. Scary!

  3. I prefer reading MG and YA titles. The last I really liked was Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children where a young man (16) searches for his grandfathers old childrens’ home on a remote Irish island. It isn’t ver fast paced but still a page turner. I am really hoping to see a sequel some time soon.

  4. Deb, GRRM is the master right now- so many characters, so cinematically paced and balanced. My problem with him and Tad Williams is- everyone’s a jerk! Some of the modern bestsellers in the field have become so wrapped up in making their characters “realistic” that they forgot to make them likeable. When I’m reading I can’t put it down- when I pick one up after a pause I say “which dope is this one, again”, and get tired.

    Cat, my daughter is reading through the Wrinkle in Time series, which i don’t think was complete back when I read the first two. Now THERE’s a classic setting, and I bet with all the space-time jumping you’re a fan too.

  5. I loved Wrinkle in Time. That series, along with the Narnia series, are all-time children’s classics. I have not tried George Martin’s books, even though they are supposed to be very well written. My DIL tells me they are all dark and gloomy with bad endings.

  6. GRRM…hmm…GRIM! Yep. That about sums up his series *lol* and yet, I can’t seem to stop reading them. He’s a master at his craft, and he does have several characters that I not only like, I *love*…unfortunately, I can count on him to kill several of them off in any given book. George definitely doesn’t write series with “untouchable” casts. Everyone in his books is fair game, much to my distress. And yet…I’m mesmerized.

    I’ll never write like George, but that’s okay. I’m an upbeat, light-hearted writer. My characters have their uncomfortable moments, but I’m a happy-ending kinda gal, so while they have to earn their reward, you can be assured they’ll be alive to see it *g*

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